Our menu items are made from the freshest certified-natural ingredients. We serve the highest quality and best tasting meat, including natural, humanely-raised Thunder Ridge beef, hormone-free, grain-fed Sanderson Farms poultry and all natural White Marble Farms pork.
*Local seasonal greens: fresh leaf lettuce, basil, mint leaves, cilantro, perilla leaves, chives


(Phan’s Wine Pick: Barone Fini Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige, Italy)**We like this wine because it’s light and crisp, with hints of citrus and mineral.
CRISPY IMPERIAL shrimp, lump crab, chicken, glass noodles, nuoc mam  
TRADITIONAL shrimp, chicken, Vietnamese herbs, cucumber, peanut sauce  
CHICKEN chicken, Vietnamese herbs, cucumber, peanut sauce  
SWEET PORK pork patty, Vietnamese greens, nuoc mam  
GRILLED PORK sliced marinated pork, Vietnamese herbs, nuoc mam  
SEARED AHI TUNA mango, mint, avocado, wasabi cream sauce mixed with soy sauce vinaigrette  
SUGARCANE SHRIMP sugarcane scented shrimp patty, Vietnamese herbs, nuoc mam  
TOFU crisp tofu, mint, Vietnamese herbs, peanut sauce  
VERMICELLI thin rice vermicelli, cucumber, scallion oil, nuoc mam  


(Phan’s Wine Pick: Whither Hills Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand) ** We like this wine for the bracing acidity and fresh fruit.
CHICKEN WINGS crisp honey flavored chicken wings, onions, jalapeno  
CHICKEN SATAY grilled with five star spices, peanut sauce  
KALBI grilled barbecue short ribs, sweet marinade sauce  
VIETNAMESE CREPE rice crepe, chicken, shrimp, mushroom, bean sprouts, nuoc mam  
VEGETARIAN CREPE rice crepe, tree ear mushroom, bean sprouts, Vietnamese herbs, nuoc mam  
CALAMARI wok-fried calamari, onion, jalapeno, scallion, sriracha cream sauce  
YAM FRIES sweet yam, sautéed garlic, sriracha cream sauce  
SHRIMP YAM FRIES fried shrimp and sweet yam tempura, mixed greens, nuoc mam  


(Phan’s Wine Pick: Alsatian Reisling by Pierre Sparr)** We chose this wine because of the exotic and tropical fruit flavors that compliment the tropical components of the salads. This wine has a dry/clean finish.
CHICKEN RAU RAM SALAD poached chicken, cabbage, red onion, perilla leaves, gingered nuoc mam dressing  
TAMARIND BEEF SALAD grilled beef, ginger, cabbage, green mango, nuoc mam, rice vinaigrette  
APPLE PRAWNS SALAD grilled prawns, green apple, green mango, cabbage, gingered nuoc mam dressing  
PAN-SEARED AHI SALAD field greens, radish, avocado, green mango, ponzu vinaigrette  


(Phan’s Wine Pick: Falanghina by Feudi from Campania, Italy)**These dishes need a white wine containing both richness and a clean finish.
CHICKEN CURRY yellow curry fused with Vietnamese herbs, eggplant, French baguette  
GINGER CHICKEN CLAYPOT caramelized soy sauce, shitake mushroom, fresh ginger, scallion  
SHAKEN CHICKEN sautéed red onions, bell peppers, garlic soy sauce, mixed greens, jasmine rice  
CHICKEN RICE CLAYPOT Sanderson Farm natural chicken, celery, carrots, toasted rice  
CHICKEN FRIED RICE wok-fried jasmine rice, eggs, Sanderson Farm natural chicken, onions  


(Phan’s Wine Pick: Cote du Rhone by J. Vidal Fleurie [Grenache/Syrah blend] or Malbec by Altos Las Hormigas from Mendoza, Argentina) **Both these wines are lighter than Cabernet but still retain plenty of structure and fruit to compliment these dishes.
SHAKEN BEEF FILET 8 oz wok-seared, sautéed onions, cognac, mixed greens, jasmine rice  
SHAKEN RIB-EYE 8 oz wok-seared, sautéed onions, cognac, mixed greens, jasmine rice  
BEEF BRISKET RAGU wine braised, sautéed onions, carrots, house ragu sauce, French baguette  
BRAISED SHORT RIB anise, garlic, veal stock, plum wine, mushroom rice  
KALBI grilled barbecue short ribs, sweet marinade sauce, jasmine rice  


(Phan’s Wine Pick: Chassagne Montrachet by Louis Latour or Charles Krug Chardonnay)** The oak treatment of these refined Chardonnays pair well with caramelized onions and garlic.
CHILEAN SEABASS CLAYPOT caramelized seabass, green onion, crushed black pepper, Thai chilies, jasmine rice  
HA NOI FISH WITH DILL turmeric seasoned basa, crispy onions, peanuts, vermicelli, tamarind sauce  
STEAMED CHILEAN SEABASS fresh ginger, sesame soy sauce, shitake mushroom, scallion  
PRAWN GARLIC NOODLES jumbo prawns, wheat noodles, parsley, soy sauce  
SEAFOOD RICE CLAYPOT shrimp, fish, squid, celery, carrot, toasted rice  
SALMON IN PLUM SAUCE grilled wild Atlantic salmon, plum sauce, field greens, jasmine rice  
CELLOPHANE NOODLES sautéed noodles with Dungeness crabmeat, eggs, scallions  
PRAWN FRIED RICE jasmine rice, onions, eggs, spices  
ROYAL FRIED RICE jasmine rice, shrimp, chicken, sweet pork sausage, onions  
ahi food9


jasmine or brown rice
(Phan’s Wine Pick: Merlot from Barone Fini, Trentino, Italy) ** A soft, subtle red wine will compliment the rich flavors of these vegetable dishes.
GARLIC TOFU sautéed onions, garlic soy sauce  
TOFU WITH EGGPLANT sautéed onions, eggplant, mushroom, Thai basil  
SAUTÉED SPINACH sautéed with mushroom  
STEAMED VEGETABLES bok choy, carrots, broccoli, mushroom  


jasmine or brown rice  
LEMONGRASS roasted Thai chili, onions, jalapenos, garlic-soy sauce  
BASIL GARLIC Thai basil, sautéed onions, garlic-soy sauce  
GINGER AND SCALLION sautéed onions, jalapenos, garlic-soy sauce  
BROCCOLI sautéed onions, garlic-soy sauce  
*Side of rice    
*Side of French baguette