Love for all nature, love for all people no matter race or religion, and finally love for our culture and food. This is an ode for those that came before us. For those that sacrificed to help us become who we are today.

"Without love, one cannot live fully, so why not give love a try" -PHANS55 Mantra

It started with Susie; a self taught Chef who consistently lingered in her mother's kitchen when she was a young girl in Central Vietnam in a place called Nha Trang. Plucking fresh herbs and spices from the garden; chicken, beef, and pork grown naturally just a few blocks away. Creating balanced delicious family dishes from scratch with her mother created an excitement for her. Not just from the process; but from the reactions of the final product. It was the smiles and laughter from enjoying the food together as a family that fueled the passion we have till this day. Fast forward years later when her own children are grown. It was her son Ryan who convinced her that this type of food must be shared with others. Create a place that not only shared our culture and passion with others; but a place that love and laughter can be echoed beyond these 4 walls. We are humbly grateful for you to share in this journey with us...


It started with passion. Simply put we wanted to create something that was outside of the norm; of the usual pizza, burgers, and tacos. A place that you can enjoy something different but was light and healthy; a place where you can enjoy yourself like family. In 2007 that led us to create our first PHANS55 in Irvine CA.